“The beauty of pickup basketball is that while 10 guys are playing, another 20-30 guys are hanging out on the sidelines watching the action. This allows for casual conversations that ultimately point to Jesus.” – Jeff Henry (Ministry Leader)


PURPOSE: To make disciples of all nations through clear presentations of the gospel and long-term mentoring relationships with young men from around the Greenville area.

WHO DOES IT REACH: Our goal is to reach a diverse group of 14-26 year old men from the community and introduce them to the love and grace of Jesus.

WHAT IS DONE: Young men don't always feel comfortable talking about their spiritual lives or being vulnerable about their struggles, so we use basketball as a medium for connecting with men and building relationships around a common passion point. As new men hear about the open gym and come to play, we share the gospel with them and spend time asking questions, listening to their stories and exhorting them towards Christ.

WHO IS NEEDED: We need godly men that are willing to come hang out in the gym, introduce themselves to the guys and talk to them about Jesus. While you're certainly welcome to play, being a good basketball player isn't what is important. We need men that are genuine, intentional, cross-cultural and on fire for the sake of the Kingdom.

WHERE/WHEN: Thursdays from 7pm - 9pm in Mitchell Road’s Athletics Center.


To learn more about Center Court, contact Jeff Henry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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